Mercedes-Benz Master Guild Recognition Program

Created: 06/08/12
Last Edited: 10/27/12
Mercedes-Benz has several award programs for their employees. One of them is the Master Guild Recognition program which recognizes outstanding dealership employees and sends them on an all expenses paid trip to Stuttgart, Germany. Attendees come back feeling renewed from experiencing the Mercedes-Benz brand heritage.

The website was designed to capture the essence of the brand and to bring back a piece of Germany to inspire others to uphold the highest standards of Mercedes-Benz.
  • The Master Guild Recognition Program
  • The homepage was designed in the spirit of exploration. It invites the user to explore snapshots of the brand, as well as the rich cultural heritage of Stuttgart.

    Designed within the brand standard web template, attendees and hopefuls are able to access more information about the program via the top navigation menu as well as through the large call to action in the main section.
  • Roles: Art direction, UX, visual design, HTML/CSS/JS development
  • Site map & Wireframes - Nailing down the content
  • Video overlay
  • In the Community section, attendees are able to look up any colleagues they've met during the trip...
  • ...and to view photos from the experience they had together.

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