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    Melanie Joye is a licensed massage therapist with a small studio in Nashville, Tennessee. In addition to her work at the studio, Melanie also provides massotherapy services at a local YMCA. As if her vast qualifications aren't enough, Melanie is passionate about her work, and referrals from happy (and relaxed) customers make up a large portion of her business.

    Melanie Joye's LMT Mission Statement says it all: "I want to provide a safe & sacred space for you to RELEASE what weighs you down so your body will naturally RESTORE to proper balance; to a place of healing where you will be RENEWED."


    We had the exciting opportunity to work with Melanie to create an identity for her new studio. Lucky for us, we have had the pleasure of knowing Melanie for a number of years before working with her on this project. Melanie has always been professional in all of her endeavors, while always maintaining an enthusiastic and cheerful attitude. Melanie Joye LMT needed an identity that truly reflected the joyful qualities of Melanie while representing a professional work environment. In addition, we wanted her business to continue to grow and for her to have an identity system that would grow with it.

    The mark is inspired by plants with healing properties. Melanie was able to assist in this research by providing a number of images for us based on her knowledge of horticulture. We examined the defining characteristics of a number of these plants and developed them into iconic marks until we arrived at the most successful solutions.

    We also worked through a number of typographic treatments. Melanie Joye LMT was too visually inconsistent when set using traditional title case or all lower case. However, setting it in all upper case was too impersonal. Therefore, we arrived at a typographic solution that was light, fun and personable, yet still had the ability to be set at a consistent height.

    Color was as important to branding Melanie Joye LMT as the mark itself. The green hues used have relaxing properties, yet still reflect Melanie's charming personality. We also created a series of seamless patterns that can be applied in various uses across the system.

    Responsive Website to launch soon.
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