Medical University Campus - Signage & Wayfinding

  • Medical College Campuses, Perkins+Will
    Custom Signage + Wayfinding
  • Site analysis breaking down walking distances and usability of site for users, zoning of campus resources and destinations, and pedestrian, vehicular, and light rail traffic assessment.
  • Site assessment  included 'day in the life' scenarios for users - students, faculty, staff, visitors, and patients to hospital. 
  • Concept development - idea that each campus is part of a larger whole - together they function as one.  Relating to imagery of DNA sequences - highlighting the parts of the whole.
  • Concept development - individual signs are created from single standard sheet with standard patterns for each of the 3 campuses., all the signs relating back to the original whole.
  • Pattern development - each campus has unique individual pattern.
  • Concept and pattern implementation.  Each individual sign is unique, but is part of the larger whole.