Matchbox Design Group Holiday Card

  • May the sounds
    of the holidays fill the streets.

    Matchbox Design Group Holiday Cards 2010
  • Annual holiday cards are sent out to company clients, vendors and friends.*¬†

    This years strategy was to develop a traditional-looking holiday card, but add an evil twist to evoke the witty Matchbox brand. The recepient opens their 5x7 envelope to an serene holiday scene of the Matchbox employees caroling. 
  • An accordion fold is used to hide 2/3rd's of the image so the viewer thinks they are looking at a serene holiday scene but, upon opening the card, angry neighbors are revealed to show that the Matchbox carolers are in fact more of a nuisance than a pleasure.
  • Company: Matchbox Design Group
    Art Direction: Amanda Miller
    Designer / Copywriter: Kendra Reed
    Photography: Jacquin Studio Photography
    Printer: Madco Printing & Advertising