Masters Program

Created: 04/08/12
Last Edited: 12/04/12
  • Masters Program
    Identity, self mailer brochure, poster and business cards
  • ¬†For this project for Publication design we were to create an identity system for the three York College Masters Programs: Business Administration, Nursing, and Education. We then had to create business cards, one brochure, using one of the program's information, and the other two covers for the brochure. Using three different pantone colors, we had to come up colors that we thought defined each of the programs. The brochure is a square format gate fold. The poster is 18 x 24. I chose to identity each master program with an icon that describes it the most. Education I illustrated an apple, Business Administration I illustrated a briefcase, and Nursing I illustrated a cross. I chose three pantone colors that I thought represented each the most, and created these identities.
  • promotional poster
  • Cover of the Business Brochure
  • Nursing Brochure Cover
  • Education Brochure Cover

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