Master of the Modern Title

Created: 04/11/13
Last Edited: 04/11/13
School initiated project to choose a designer we studied and create a poster and catalog cover for a type based exhibit. Saul Bass was my subject and his hand drawn type found in all his movie posters became my design. After completing the work for school I applied the design as if having to advertise in New York City. In this idea of how to market the event, I came upon the idea of an interactive design space (see desc. below).
  • mockup for street installation
  • what designer doesn't have a travel mug and might like to get this one
  • for variation the characters have been spot varnished on the catalog cover
  • Bass-bus
  • taxi advert
  • after viewing the exhibit patrons would be lead into the "Poster Design Room" as seen in mockup here 
  • each station will have flat files containing shapes and letterforms in the style of Saul Bass
  • lower kids table seen here
  • after patrons complete their design, cameras take a photo from above
  • designs will then be displayed on screens within the room, and sent to users/devices. The sharing will foster attendance to the exhibit by sharing designs through social media to increase exposure

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