Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Created: 03/16/12
Last Edited: 12/04/12
Marvel Avengers Alliance
  • Marvel: Avengers Alliance
  • Combat HUD
    I designed the combat HUD and the combat targeting flow.
  • Chapter/Mission Select
    I helped design the chapter screen as well as created assets to build it.
  • End of Mission Score
    I designed and animated the scoring screen at the end of each mission.
  • Monetization Page
    Designed and created assets for this page. Worked remotely with the team that
    does the coding.
  • Exchange
    The widget lets players easily exchange monetized currency for another type.
  • Speed Up
    This widget gives players the convenient option to speed up tasks
    instead of waiting.
  • Flight Deck Flow
    I helped iron out the game flow of the flight deck, from using the flight deck
    to purchasing a new plane to upgrading planes. All contain several key
    monetization and viral features.
  • News Page
    An organized way to highlight featured monetized items, recent changes, and events
    that pertain to players to help them get started.

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