Marks & Spencer New York City

  • Marks & Spencer New York City

  • What would happen if you took a quintessentially British department store, and exported it to New York? Marks & Spencer New York City is the result of research into cultural identities, national imagery and iconography, and of course, retail fashion. This project manifested as three alternate concepts, each with a different approach to brand personality, audience, and marke

    The Red Route is a more downtown brand, influenced by pop art and counter cultures. This is a down-market brand intended as nightlife clothing for a younger, urban audience.t.

    The Black Route is a traditional 7th Ave. fashion label, focusing on business clothing. It is a mid-market brand drawing ties to London’s Bond St.

    The Brown Route is an upscale, outdoor brand. This is the most traditional, tying in icons of heraldry and European aristocracy to a modern New York brand.

    In all cases, the project explored the use of brand patterns, sub-branding, visual style, photography, advertising, in-store and signage, retail packaging, and other aspects of the brand.