• Bug Squasher
    A graphic designed as a reward for a bug bounty program with Simple.
  • Ember Islands
    An open source project. Went with the idea of combining island and embers to get a volcano. 
  • Belv the Deer
    Mascot and sticker created for an internal tool at Simple called Belvedere.
  • Salon 21 Cincinnati
    Salon 21 is a series of intimate piano concerts in unexpected places around the city. The logo was based off a photograph of a Parisian ceiling mural.
  • Gaslight
    A Cincinnati software development firm that transforms businesses with web-based technology. The mark is meant to represent the Gaslight, as well as incoporating some aspects of software with pixels and angle brackets.
  • Queen City Pitties
    A conceptual project. The aim was to raise awareness of pitbulls in Cincinnati. The goal was to create an approachable, friendly logo by using rounded shapes but avoiding being childlike. Currently working with a local organization to adapt for use.
  • Reach Clinton County
    Reach Clinton County offers free training in the latest tech and business skills to residents. This is due to a partnership with Treehouse, who offered lifetime access to memebers of the community
  • Bus Detective
    Bus Detective is a real-time arrival data for Cincinnati Metro buses. This was a open source project built with Gaslight.
  • Cincy Day of Functional
    Cincy Day of Functional is a new one-day event organized for developers interested in functional programming such as Clojure, Haskell, and Elixir. This simple wordmark plays off the lambda λ, which is an important part in developing within the languages. 
  • Clean Quarters 
    Cincinnati-based family cleaning business. A custom ligature allows for flexability to do other services, such as pet-sitting, in addition to their main cleaning offering.
  • House Café and Catering
    A social enterprise offering catering for corporate and social events as part of the Talbert House. This series of logos was pitched, and ultimatly not chosen.