Marks & Logos

Created: 10/23/11
Last Edited: 08/10/13
A selection of logos and marks
  • Marks & Logos
    A sampling of works
  • Gaslight is a web app development company. 
  • Northside Church of Christ was looking for a updated logo that reflected their younger community. Fresh, bright colors helped achieve this.
  • Logo for Fast Track Ohio High Speed Rail Awareness. The train icon was created to convey speed and sleekness, traveling to the future of travel in America.
  • A logo for a pitbull awareness organization. The goal was to make a very friendly, approachable mark to combat the image of pitbulls
  • A series of logomarks pitched to the client. The new enterprise from Talbert House will begin as a snack shop an catering group and will eventually expand to a cafe. The mark I proposed would have an umbrella mark as well as three for each individual area of the business.
  • This pair of marks is meant to be a physical representation of the the fennec fox, known for its bushy tail, sand colored body, nocturnal eyes, and the over-sized ears.
  • Logomark for the Night Owl Bakery that primary operation time is at night.

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