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Created: 11/28/12
Last Edited: 07/17/13
Marketing element design
  • Marketing Bundle
    Client: EcoMotion
    EcoMotion is a private environmental consulting firm located in Irvine, California, specialized in sustainable solutions for cities, corporations and campuses.
    The satellite office in Cambridge is establishing its business with new campus clients around East Coast.
    To help campus services, we created marketing system with elements from shades of trees, transparencies of water and hues of the sky. The overlapping circles as a key element has been applied to digital and social media platforms, promotional items, as well as recent EcoMotion website redesign. The new marketing materials bring a fresh and contemporary look to EcoMotion brand and communicate sustainable living in a more authentic way.  
    Oct 2012
  • Below:
    EcoMotion at AASHE 2012 LA Conference with poster and the brochures.

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