Marching 110

Created: 04/03/12
Last Edited: 12/10/12
This project details printed works done for the Ohio University Marching 110, ranging from t-shirt designs to printed programs.
  • Marching 110
    Printed Programs, T-shirts, and Infographics
  • From 2008 to 2011, I marched trombone in the Ohio University Marching 110, known to fans and members across the world as "The Most Exciting Band in the Land." During my time in the band, I was given the privilege to design numerous things for Dr. Richard Suk, the current director, including t-shirt designs, programs, and flyers.
  •  2011 Band Day front (t-shirt template is from
  •  "Roundabout" - 2010 Tour Shirts
  • This 50+ page booklet is an annual undertaking by the Ohio University Marching 110. Every year, hundreds of programs are printed for purchase at the season-end performance at the Ohio Theatre (Columbus, OH).This booklet includes images taken by the 110's photographer, Joel Hawksley. It was my role to choose the most important images in order to best capture the hard-driving, dynamic, entertaining style of the Marching 110, and to document the band's 2010-2011 roster, discography, schedule, and staff.
  •  P.S.: That's me on the page being turned. :]
  •  2012 infographic displaying facts about the Marching 110's members.

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