Marc Marius Müller Branding

  • Marc Marius Müller Branding
    Personal Branding Project
  • After revisiting my entire portfolio, I felt it was about time to update my visual branding. I had a concept developed a while ago, but as my visual vocabulary grew, my style shifted with it. That meant, not only did I no longer like the original concept that much, but I also felt like it was no longer appropriate to represent me and the work I do now.
    The logo consists of a handwriting of my name in an angled rectangle. The several layers are intended to visualize the layers of my work, as I believe I have grown from a creator of images to a designer that bases his work on research on the topic and the target audience (bottom layers), to then create an appropriate solution, the find design (the top layer).
    The typeface needed to have some personality and character to it, while remaining legible and versatile. Color scheme is based on the model explained above. People tend to only see the flashiness of the final solution (top layer) and hardly see the amount of work in the previous phases (bottom layers). Orange as a color that supposably represents creativity adds to this notion, that only the final product is perceived as the act of creativity.
  •  The logo in three versions, in case it is needed as a greyscale version or black and white.
  • The business card shows only the most important contact information and directs its recipient to the website
  • Any form of feedback is greatly appreciated as I am still working on this and plan to further refine some details. Plus I see your feedback as a good opportunity to learn and take a look at this personal work from the outside (which I think can sometimes view difficult when working on something personal).