Malt-O-Meal Cereals - Puerto Rico Communications

  • Company:
    MOM Brands   
    Merchandise shelf presentation/merchandising for existing MOM bagged cereals.
    Convert Puerto Rican Mothers into believers and users of bagged cereals by reversing prevailing
    perceptions that bagged cereals are low quality, low value knock-offs of top brands.
    Produce a 4’ x 4’ stand-alone P.O.P. fixture (to situate at the front of cereal aisles) for instant
    visibility. Design is intended to be appeal to both Mom’s (quality and value messaging) and children
    (playful graphic treatments). The selected design concept was favored for its:
    1) Display utility – Cereal bags are prominently displayed within the P.O.P. fixture for
        grab-and-go convenience 
    2) White space approach – appearance was clean and highly impactful at retail point-of-purchase,
        clearly standing out against adjacent competitors
    3) Tasteful, contemporary, clean design treatment elevates brand, establishing a credible, high
       quality look/feel
    4) Nutritional value is prominently featured (vitamin/mineral content equals or betters top brands) 
    5) Cereal taste is guaranteed (shoppers receive a refund if kids don’t like the product)
    6) Pink pig animated character is introduced to signify savings (piggy bank) for Mom and fun for kids
    MOM cereal point-of-purchase displays were implemented in all Puerto Rico Wal-mart stores.
    Impressive ongoing sales subsequently resulted in additional MOM brand shelf space.