Major Type

Created: 04/13/12
Last Edited: 04/25/13
I wanted to get away from the screen and do something hands on. I wanted to go big before I went home. That has been my stance on design; do something big and bold and grab everyone's attention. So that is exactly what I did by creating a life size, touchable alphabet.
  • Major Type
    A 5 x 5.5 foot wall piece.
  • This was a Typography II final project that allowed me to do whatever I wanted with type. I used half inch insulation and a hand saw to cut out counters revealing a massive alphabet. The type I chose was Times New Roman, I figured a clean typeface would help balance any imperfections I had while carving out the letterforms. Lastly, I gave the monster some color and glued the three sections together.

    This piece was in the York Gallery twice, the first time for Typorama, the summer show in 2011 and again in the spring of 2012 as a part of the annual York College Juried Student Art Show. The piece was chosen by juror, Ellen Lupton.
  • I wrapped the entire project in electrical tape to give it a texture as well as help hold the 3 sections together.
  • Walking across campus with it, the sun gave me a nice shadow.
  • There is my pile of counters and eyes after everything was finished.

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