Madison Performance Group Corporate Rebranding

  • Madison Performance Group
    Corporate Rebranding
  • Problem:
    Madison came to Decker Design, looking to update the visual brand to better communicate the firm’s strengths: thought leadership, exemplary customer service, and a business and technology infrastructure with global reach. Madison’s previous logo was dated, and did not convey the sense of positive urgency with which the company conducts its business.

    Our research revealed that many clients recognized Madison’s commitment to delivering customer satisfaction and thought leadership, but externally the firm was not seen as strategic, or as an industry thought leader.

    Decker Design’s new visual brand for Madison reflects a balance of the firm’s stability and experience, with its uncanny ability to deliver workforce engagement and sales incentive solutions for a workforce that is increasingly youthful. Decker Design’s interplay of modern and classic elements— punctuated with a visually riveting exclamation point—at once conveys the firm’s sophisticated knowledge, deep expertise and clever wit.

  • Strategy
    In tandem with designing the new Madison visual brand architecture, Decker engaged its messaging expert to help the firm further refine the communications hierarchy.
  • Logo
    An expressive element of Madison’s identity, the multi-colored dot is the energetic point of the exclamation mark, yet visually creates the “i” in Madison. The dot is playful within the formal arrangement of classic typography, representing the dynamic, innovative solutions Madison provides for corporate clients.
  • Website
    The website is a key vehicle in articulating the voice and nuance of the rebranded firm. It extends Madison’s new design lexicon into a dynamic, online realm. Thought leadership content is downloadable through a monthly publication called Performance Perspectives, and a new, twice-weekly blog post delivers timely insights while enhancing search engine statistics.

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  • Video
    The website opens with an interactive carousel of five videos that speak to the pressing needs of the clients Madison serves, and how the firm approaches its work.
  • Paperware
    Madison’s stationery system balances the visual impact of the logo with an orderly presentation of contact information. The color palette can be leveraged to denote different corporate departments, and includes an unexpected splash of color on the reverse of the business card.
  • Advertising
    The exclamation point can be interpreted in a number of ways to enhance the brand’s message and make it memorable and distinct in trade advertising.