Macy's Postcard Series

Created: 05/19/12
Last Edited: 11/21/12
Macy's Menswear direct mailer.
    Postcard Series
  • With this project I was given the task of developing a series of 3 postcards for Macy's Department store. The only restraints the project required were a full-color front, a B&W back, and the use of photography. Even though I was allowed the full CYMK color scheme I felt that limiting myself to a two-color palette throughout allowed for stronger unification as a series. Rather than using photography for the front of the cards I opted to illustrate the 3 sections of menswear I would be highlighting. I did this because I felt that illustration would reach my target audience, young adult males, better than Macy's usual form of photographic advertising. On the flip side I brought in photos of the products that inspired my illustrations and paired them with sharp but comic copy for the headlines. 

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