Macy's Fresh Food

  • Company:
    Marketplace department renaming, rebranding and communications system overhaul.
    Evolve Macy’s’ Marketplace brand into one that better represents its in-house, made-fresh-daily food line, enhances aesthetic appeal, and standardizes brand chain-wide (Marketplace looks differed per store).
    1) Explore, develop and implement the “fresh” brand evolution concept
    2) Rename Marketplace as FRESHFOOD
    3) Position Macy’s’ signature food items as the departmental “heroes”
    4) Visually rebrand with a modern-clean, fashionesque style in vibrant greens (to highlight food/retail freshness)
    5) Repurpose applicable existing graphic fixtures for FRESHFOOD use
    6) Establish FRESHFOOD branded environmental (murals, column wraps), navigational and point-of-purchase communications, as well as department serving items (paper products, menus, etc.) and iconography
    Macy’s branded FRESHFOOD retail communications system launched in Chicago and then rolled out to another specific cities nationwide.