• MI Fonts
    Font Mailer Based on 'The Avengers'
  • For my final project in Typography, I was to design a font mailer. A little package that would come in the mail and attempt to sell you on a set of fonts from a type foundry. I had this miniature metal suitcase that came with some greeting cards and I thought that it would be fun to play off the spy genre theme and make little dossiers and confidential files, and other items of that ilk. My teacher said it was a bit too expected and to push it further. Thinking more on this issue I landed on an interesting idea. What if instead of spies, I chose a group of people far cooler and far more retro chic. I chose 'The Avengers.' Those not of comic book fame, but of 60s cat suit Diana Rigg fame. They supposedly worked with 'MI 5,' therefore 'MI Fonts' was a cute little parody on that, as well as the name of the foundry being spoken sounds like 'My Fonts.'

    The show lent itself naturally to the forming of a themed font mailer. Each character on the show was the name of a font, and also a dossier. Therefore you could get the 'Steed' or 'Mrs. Peel' font, or venturing into 'The New Avengers,' the 'Gambit' or 'Purdey' font. The logo was based on the lion rampant that is associated with 'The Avengers' but each character had a specific symbol for themselves. Once I started I went a little overboard, as you can see I had stamps and mailing labels and even the faux return address is Thames House in London, where the MI branches are located. Despite the hard work and trying to spray paint metal when it was below freezing out, this remains one of my favorite projects.
  • I have to give a big shout out to Corey Radlund of Radlund Photography for photographing this piece for me. Until Corey I was unable to show this piece because I had no good way to display it.