Luxury Lane Soap Brand & Package Design

Created: 05/30/12
Last Edited: 05/03/13
Logo design, brochure & package design for Luxury Lane Soap.
  • Luxury Lane Soap
    Logo, Brochure, Poster & Package Design
  • Company Philosophy from
    With a passion for detail and quality, Luxury Lane Soap comes second to none with innovative product development and as an industry leader. Plan and simple, I love what I do.
    Luxury Lane Soap uses certified sustainable, organic ingredients & oils including Hemp, Olive, Coconut & Shea Butter, along with Certified Pure Essential Oils. I am constantly on the look out for more suppliers that are members of RSPO as well. We are also committed to recycling and waste reduction. My products contain no mass produced labels and orders are packed with recycled materials, donated from our local schools.
    How is so much earth loving awesome even possible? Being a small, local community company affords me the ability to turn all of my profits back into Luxury Lane Soap for safe ingredients and practices. I have no stock holders to appease. My company is for my customers.
    I am indeed, conscious of where I purchase my supplies, and will continue to seek conscientious growers and producers.
    ♥Kylee Lane
    {Disclaimer: the original logo design by me, which is shown below, has since been changed on the website. The below design is how the logo was intended to be.}
  • Brochure outside.
  • Brochure inside.
  • Package design template.

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