Luckyrice 2011 Festival

Created: 05/18/11
Last Edited: 12/04/12
Branding for the 2011 Luckyrice Festival, a week of festivities celebrating Asian culture and cuisine in New York City. Working with the Luckyrice founders, we developed a campaign that celebrated food in New York City in the year of the rabbit. We designed, illustrated and produced a broad range of collateral for their incredible week of foodie activities, including multiple brochures and handouts, print and web ads, as well as signage for the events.
  • Luckyrice 2011 Festival
    Campaign branding and illustration
  • The 32 page Festival Guide cover was printed with a magical metallic gold and has a surprise postcard in the front flap that's great for gloating to friends. The interior was printed on a toothy off-white paper that contrasts beautifully with the stark white cover.
  • The four larger events each had a flyer that were inserted into the festival guide. 
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