Lowery's Brand Identity

  • Lowery's Chocolate Co.
    Identity Re-Branding [FALL 2009]
  • This logo re-branding of Lowery's Chocolate Company located in Muncie, IN. My overall design theme for this project was to produce an all-organic chocolate line with environmentally-friendly packaging that is easily recyclable. 

    *The chocolate comes in assorted espresso flavors (vanilla latte, chai coco, etc) The idea being that people can now get their morning "pick-me-up" with chocolate espresso instead of liquid espresso, saving business professionals from coffee spills.
  • Logo Design for Lowery's
    (Similar to a Passport Stamp- Travel Theme/ Organic Style)
  • Stationary Design
    (Similar to a Travel Form/ Boarding Pass or flight information)
  • Packaging Design
    (Grab-and-Go Packaging Concept Design, fully recyclable packaging, bubble-wrap lining with tin foil)
  • Advertising 
    (LEFT- Newspaper Ad, "no more coffee spills on-the-go, now eat chocolate espresso")
    (RIGHT- Magazine Ad, "better than coffee, chocolate instead of espresso)

  • Transportation Concept Design 
    (Truck label visual for transportation services and branding)