Love Me Tender

Created: 02/23/11
Last Edited: 12/04/12
Sickeningly cute branding to cover up the true torturous intentions of the clothing. a brand you'll never let go of.
  • Love Me Tender
    This was a project for my sculpture class. 
  • I created a brand of clothing that had a sickeningly cute appearance, with all of the hearts and cute names. This was only to hide the fact that the clothing is pretty much just torture equipment, made to entice anxiety.
  • Hand drawn type scanned in and vectorized.
  • This is going beyond the project, I just created these for fun. just to have fun with it.
  • when worn the kiss sweatshirt's hoods would get latched together.
  • This was the original idea that got everything going. you hug someone and the sleeves get latched together, but also there are three more latches around the torso.
  • The gloves get latched together in a way that you cannot get out of them or let go.

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