Louis Dreyfus Commodities

  • Louis Dreyfus Commodities, one of the world’s leading commodity merchants and processors of agricultural products, has merchandised and traded bulk commodities in international markets since 1851.
    When the Louis Dreyfus’ companies branched into their own entitities, Rachel Martin played a lead design role working with the LD Corporate Communications team to create Louis Dreyfus Commodities’ new brand and coordinate the corporate identity transition in over 53 countries. Rachel and the team also designed and developed a new Intranet BrandCenter so that all worldwide offices could access their new logo, business correspondence templates, global brochures, electronic presentations and stationery mechanicals to print and use locally wherever they were in the world.
    Designed while working with Louis Dreyfus in New York, NY
    Design Director: Tom Wood
    Designers: Rachel Martin, Jeremy Meier
    Copywriter: Mary Anne Costello