Lotta Good Cookies package design

  • Company:
    6-SKU cookie packaging line for 3 single-serve and 3 multi-serve varieties.
    Rebrand packaging for Mexican cookies to be distributed to the U.S. general market as a high value, low cost snack convenience store single packs directed at young adults; Walmart multi-packs aimed at Moms).
    A contemporary representation of brand attributes (great taste, aesthetics, great value) creates a broad U.S. mass market visual appeal – clean, modern, youthful. Product name and photographic image are prominently featured as attracts. Prominently displaying the cookie quantity per package promotes value. Color-coding packages makes cookie flavor-finding fast and easy.
    Exceptionally high product sales facilitated expansion into additional convenience store and Target Stores. the U.S. general market as a high value, low cost snack.