Lord of the Flies

Created: 07/15/10
Last Edited: 12/04/12
Looking through some of the book covers for Lord of the Flies on Amazon, I was inspired to do my own rendition.
Project Info
  • Lord of the Flies
    A Book Cover
  • Recently I decided to do a book cover for the classic story by William Golding.

    I chose not to depict one of the lead characters but instead focus on the point in the story in which the Lord of the Flies is actually enters. The figure and moment are ambiguous enough (to those who haven't read it) that I don't believe the imagery gives away much of the plot.
  • I first started with sketching my idea out on paper and then I scanned it to trace in Photoshop..
  • A detail of the pig's ears and the fly.

    I originally had the frame one way but I thought it looked too much like the format of Penguin Classics books so I changed it in the end.
  • A detail of the character Simon. I like how haggard he looks.
  • A detail of the background.

    I had to gaussian blur the hell out of it to get the desired effects; especially out of the leaves' shadows on the tree trunks.
  • The Final image.

    In the end I decided to reposition the fly, so that it doesn't get lost among the lines between Simon, pig, and grass.

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