• Design can do more than decorate, it can take an information and help it find form, context and purpose.

    Design has historically been relegated to the end of a production chain, an afterthought to put a coat of polish of a finished product. A new model is emerging that puts design at a seat at the front of the table. By including design thinking early in the development of a product, its success in the market can be significantly enhanced.

    The fabric patterns were modeled on the developmental stages of infographics, data, understanding connections and visual application.
  • The project drew inspiration from design itself, from the raw numbers and text that provide the input and metrics design depends on, to the reaching connections designers find within data to the post-digestion visualisation that would be the end result. (David McCandles Billion Dollar gram is shown as an example)
  • From top to bottom the patterns represent comprehension, knowledge, and application.
  • The items were prototyped using dummy fabric to plan patterns, make revisions and re crafted until the construction was solid. The fabric was then crafted into a range of items, including a tote bag, wallet, computer sleeve and more.
  • Which are all still in use today.