• London's Burning
    A 'current' magazine spread
    The first project in my Electronic Illustration class was to create a magazine spread concerning a current issue. Being the Anglophile that I am, I decided to do my spread on the then recent London riots. I wanted to have a background image that was very 'British,' meaning, a building style not often seen in the United States, and the London Underground. For the other image, I wanted menacing, uniform hoodies. Like the V for Vendetta masks some of the rioters wore, I wanted the hoodies to be scary clones of one another. The final key was lots of flames and fire. It was very important that I made sure not to take the color away from the London Underground, yet have the rest of the image predominantly red and orange. Also, the hoodies where to have a transparency, as if they could strike and then just disappear back into the flames. I also had a little fun writing the copy as well.