London Olympics 2012

Created: 01/24/12
Last Edited: 12/04/12
Characterized by low horizon lines, surreal photography, and abstract geometric overlays, this identity system gives the audience freedom to dream and focuses on the Olympic’s international influence of hope and opportunity.

Photography by Andrew Smith, © 2011 Cuba Gallery ( All Rights Reserved.
Project Info
Photography by Andrew Smith, Cuba Gallery
  • London Olympics Brand Identity
    Logo, Print Collateral, and Homepage
  • This case study provided a unique opportunity to reconstruct the visual identity of the London Olympics 2012. The following logo, print collateral (posters, tickets, catalog), and homepage help to create a specific experience for the audience and participants of the Olympic games. 

    The stark and elegant logo mark is directly influenced by the iconic London eye, drawing inspiration from the game's geographical heritage. The visual language tells the story of a renewed focus on the forgotten and overlooked "unsung heroes" and majesty, power, and beauty of the natural world. The photography, surreal and abstract, is common and inclusive, allowing any viewer to place themselves in the scene, experiencing feelings of hope, freedom, and opportunity. 

    I believe the tradition of the Olympic games has aspired to share these themes of hope and opportunity with its participants and audience. This goals of this branding process was to create a visual identity that did exactly this — to adapt a more reverent approach to the games, surrounding them with a sense of awe and wonder — to create a collective visual display that is both individual and shared, giving a voice and story to each participant of the game — and to look beyond the conflicting worlds of war, politics, and economics in order to comminicate the Olympics as a an event a neutral event for all.

    Photography by Andrew Smith, © 2011 Cuba Gallery ( All Rights Reserved.

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