• A logo is a graphic mark that is an important part of a strong and memorable company identity. A logo can be playful or suggest authority. It should express the sentiment of a company yet be simple enough to recognize and remember at a glance. It should strive to be timeless, not merely based on fashions or trends. Here are select logos that I have designed for a range of clients from educational organizations and nonprofits to retail stores and restaurants. Many of these logos have been published or awarded but most importantly, they have helped my clients to be distinct and grow. For more visit benloiz.com
  • Busy-Being
    Retail Store
  • Africa IQ
    Public Relations
  • Nong Lá
    Vietnamese Cafe
  • Tamarisc
  • Bicycle Bell Ensemble
    Art & Music Project
  • Tirana English School
  • Honey for the Bear
    Retail Store
  • TMC America
    Real Estate
  • Hard C
    Film Production
  • Adonai Partners
  • Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration
    Research and Education
  • Homec
  • Unseen Vision
    Film Production
    Student Organization
  • Newflow
  • A+R 
    Retail Store
  • Bradosti
  • Cogs Industries
    Film Production
  • MM&A
    Entertainment Marketing 
  • Reneé Loiz
    Makeup Artist
  • The Puerto Rico Education Project
  • AgeTurners
    Social Media
  • Cubanita Groove
    Record Label