Created: 10/10/11
Last Edited: 08/02/13
Various logos designed for contests or student work.
  • Logos
    Various logos
  • New logo for H&B Gallery in Minneapolis - 2013
  • Logo design and naming for HighSpring Consulting - 2013
  • YogaLift logo redesign.

  • Logo redesign for Fusion Designed : Interior Design by Sheree Vincent
  • Logo redesign for Tamerin Horstman.

  • Logo design for Amy Randy - Fire Over Water

  • Logo design for Becky Gorman.

  • Logo for Toro Loco, a concept Spanish restaurant and tapas bar.
  • Concept for the 2012 graphic and web design portfolio show at Minneapolis Community and Technical college.
    The logo represents the variation and diversity among the graduating students, the energy of the graduating class and the bits and pieces that make up the whole.
  • Concept for the 2012 graduating class of the MCTC graphic and web design program.
    Fuse was the chosen theme, this logo represents the energy and vitality of the class, and expands upon the concept of fusion using a font that appears to fuse together

  • Logo concept for a small film studio. The design reflects the craftsmanship approach of Abiyoyo by referencing the arts & crafts era in art and design.

  • Logo concept for Spectrum Yarns. The colors convey the extensive range in fibers and colors offered, and also convey the weaving together of yarn used in knitting, crochet and other fiber arts.

  • Logo for Froothies, a concept brand of fruit smoothies.

  • Logo for Umbrella Foods, the parent company for Froothies.

  • Logo concept/redesign for Interspace Interior Design Inc. Using their existing color scheme, the design approach was to convey a slight quirkiness or originality in the approach to design.

  • Logo concept for KinderZeit, a children's furniture company. The bright colors play on the whimsical and fun products while still remaining appealing to adults.

  • Logo concept for Tannlege Hvammen i Drammen (a Norwegian dentist). The client wanted a fun logo that would appeal to younger people in her area, while still conveying a caring approach.

  • Updated logo for Kulite, the industry leaders in pressure transducer technology. The shapes in the logo signify energy and momentum.