Created: 05/05/11
Last Edited: 11/06/12
Logo and brandmark designs for various clients.
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  • Logos

  • Your company's logo sets the tone before the client even walks through the door. It is important that your logo properly represent you and your company as it will be used in everything from corporate branding pieces to business collateral and advertisements. The ultimate goal of your company's logo is two-fold: to evoke a predetermined emotional response in the potential client and establish trust. The best advertisement in the world can fail if the logo misses the mark so it is important to make sure your logo is sending the right message before you start with other marketing and branding materials.

    Below are a few brandmarks I have created for various clients.
  • Logo Development for Heal by the Sea, a luxury resort.

  • Logo Development for KyRack, out door storage solution.

  • Logo Development for PCS Pro Clean Systems, building and property maintenance.

  • Logo Development for Savvy Roads, travel.

  • Logo Development for Turf Sapes, lawn maintenance specialists.

  • Logo Development for T.I. Design, home furnishings.

  • Logo Development for Molly Bartels, photographer.

  • Logo Development for Adriana Marie, fashion designer.

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