• Various logo designs.

    No Bone Wonders
    Exhibit Logo for invertebrates with a vintage boardwalk side show theme
    Brand logo of gas station convenients stores. The request was some thing that could be a "button" that would work as small as an phone ap and as large illuminated signs. While also not using the common among fuel brands, red white and blue of the old logo or green and yellow of the BP stations they intend to replace.

    Traxx convenience store redesigning an older defunct Traxx brand.

    Captain D's
    Logo to reflect there new more upscale direction, with greater emphisis on the D.

    Concession Brands
     Iowa State University stadiums and arenas. Names and logos were created for the varies food varieties provided.

    Fixin' to Fly
    Houston international airport. Winged cowboy boots.

    Bloww Salons in New Jersey
    Exterior sign using raw materials as the main motivating factor driving the design.
  • A few non-client logos