Logos - various clients

Created: 07/01/12
Last Edited: 12/04/12
Logo designs created for various clients
  • Product logo for monocrystalline alumina oxidesapphire wafers
  • Logo design concepts for eXplore employee innovation program

  • Logo redesign for hair salon identity

  • Logo design for a corporate in-house creative department

  • Program logo for a new lead-generation system that combines various methods of collecting new customer lead data and streamlining them to deliver to building contractors

  • Product logo concept for a sustainable insulation product

  • Logo concept for a corn-based binder in fiberglass insulation. The new binder (noted as "sgv technology") would replace the current formaldehyde binder.

  • Logo concepts developed for Saint-Gobain's proposed "Multi-Comfort, Sustainable Habitat" program in Europe. Clients were looking for a way to visually unify multiple business divisions' involvement in this concept of sustainable building for print and web communications with a single mark or 'stamp.'

  • Logo design for CertainTeed's new business group, the Key Projects Office. The "KPO" would be in charge of identifying large-scale new building construction projects and partnering with architects and builders to help them address any building science concerns, help them specify applicable CertainTeed products, etc.
  • Concept for the redesign of a Women's Network group logo. Clients requested a mark reminiscent of the corporate logo, thus the use of arch-like shapes to play on the bridge/arches of the corporate logo.
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