Logos: various brands

  • See below each set of logos for description.
  • 1) NBC: Heroes TV show fan club logo.
    2) Shop Rite & Helping Hands: Breakfast On Us logo for NBTY charitable event program, offering vouchers for perishable item donations.
    3) Rugby XV: Primary logo for sports apparel and equipment company.
    4) One With Nature: Health and wellness company primary logo.
    5) US Nutrition: Live Your Best Life logo for Valassis/Red Plum coupon magazine FSI event.
  • 1,2) Telemundo: Mujer de Hoy (Woman of the Day) logo solutions for stylish home decor brand for Hispanic women.
    3) Creative Care: Assisted living community primary logo.
    4) Topps: Bazooka bubble gum logo redesign.
    5) Magic Johnson Enterprises: Philanthropist and former basketball star primary logo.
    6) Foxwoods Resort Casino: The Ultimate Race Book sports gambling facility logo.
  • 1,2) CBS: Starfleet Academy logo for Star Trek motion picture and style guides. Standard and badge versions shown.
    3) Golden Fluff: Crispy Fryz crunchy potato snack logo.
    4) NBTY: IT Health Roadshow logo for NBTY technology event.
    5) US Nutrition: Seal of approval logo for products that meet good health standards in Valassis/Red Plum coupon magazine FSI.
  • 1) US Nutrition: Healthy Family Values logo for Valassis/Red Plum coupon magazine FSI event.
    2) Foxwoods Resort Casino: Poker Classic event logo.
    3) Zoo Games: Chicken Blaster logo for Wii shooting game.
    4) Juillard School: Quintessence logo for traveling group of 5 creative disciplines.
    5) City Interactive: Combat Wings computer game logo.
    6) Best Signal Wireless: Cell phone accessory manufacturer primary logo.
  • 1) Barnes & Noble: Flash Kids logo for educational children's book series.
    2) Artuition: Marketing group primary logo.
    3) Telemundo: Seal of approval logo for products endorsed by Telemundo (8 of 12 color variations shown).
    4) primary elements: Logo for multi-line series of spa products. 
    5) Hasbro: Lazer Tag interactive battle toys logo redesign.
  • 1) Foxwoods Resort Casino: World Poker Finals event logo.
    2) Warner Bros. & DC Comics, Inc.: Justice League of America motion picture primary logo.
    3,4) NBTY: Scientific Advisory Council (SAC) logo solutions for group of various disciplines converging to tackle major world problems, such as obesity and starvation.