Logos: various brands

  • See below each set of logos for description.

    Clients include NBC’s Heroes TV show fan club, Shop Rite & Helping Hands, Rugby XV, One With Nature, US Nutrition, Telemundo, Creative Care, Topps Bazooka, Magic Johnson Enterprises, Foxwoods Resort Casino, CBS Star Trek motion picture, Golden Fluff’s Crispy Fryz, NBTY, Zoo Games, Juillard School, City Interactive, Best Signal Wireless, Barnes & Noble, Artuition, Hasbro’s Lazer Tag, and Warner Bros. & DC Comics’ Justice League of America motion picture. 
  • 1) NBC: Heroes TV show fan club logo.
    2) Shop Rite & Helping Hands: Breakfast On Us logo for NBTY charitable event program, offering vouchers for perishable item donations.
    3) Rugby XV: Primary logo for sports apparel and equipment company.
    4) One With Nature: Health and wellness company primary logo.
    5) US Nutrition: Live Your Best Life logo for Valassis/Red Plum coupon magazine FSI event.
  • 1,2) Telemundo: Mujer de Hoy (Woman of the Day) logo solutions for stylish home decor brand for Hispanic women.
    3) Creative Care: Assisted living community primary logo.
    4) Topps: Bazooka bubble gum logo redesign.
    5) Magic Johnson Enterprises: Philanthropist and former basketball star primary logo.
    6) Foxwoods Resort Casino: The Ultimate Race Book sports gambling facility logo.
  • 1,2) CBS: Starfleet Academy logo for Star Trek motion picture and style guides. Standard and badge versions shown.
    3) Golden Fluff: Crispy Fryz crunchy potato snack logo.
    4) NBTY: IT Health Roadshow logo for NBTY technology event.
    5) US Nutrition: Seal of approval logo for products that meet good health standards in Valassis/Red Plum coupon magazine FSI.
  • 1) US Nutrition: Healthy Family Values logo for Valassis/Red Plum coupon magazine FSI event.
    2) Foxwoods Resort Casino: Poker Classic event logo.
    3) Zoo Games: Chicken Blaster logo for Wii shooting game.
    4) Juillard School: Quintessence logo for traveling group of 5 creative disciplines.
    5) City Interactive: Combat Wings computer game logo.
    6) Best Signal Wireless: Cell phone accessory manufacturer primary logo.
  • 1) Barnes & Noble: Flash Kids logo for educational children's book series.
    2) Artuition: Marketing group primary logo.
    3) Telemundo: Seal of approval logo for products endorsed by Telemundo (8 of 12 color variations shown).
    4) primary elements: Logo for multi-line series of spa products. 
    5) Hasbro: Lazer Tag interactive battle toys logo redesign.
  • 1) Foxwoods Resort Casino: World Poker Finals event logo.
    2) Warner Bros. & DC Comics, Inc.: Justice League of America motion picture primary logo.
    3,4) NBTY: Scientific Advisory Council (SAC) logo solutions for group of various disciplines converging to tackle major world problems, such as obesity and starvation.