Logos and symbols

Created: 02/18/11
Last Edited: 12/04/12
Here are some Logos and symbols I have created. please leave feedback.
  • Logo and symbol design

  • Some of the following have been done for school projects and others have been done just for fun.
  • Bubam Boards is a skateboard company that had asked me to make a logo.
  • Here is a mockup of the logo on a blank deck. I did not take the photo.
  • Kayla Smith is a fake person. I just made the logo for fun.
  • A photo taken by myself to mockup the Kayla Smith logo.
  • Love Me Tender is a brand identity that I created for a sculpture class. The premise behind the project is to have an overtly cutsey logo and feeling to hide the fact that all of the clothing is essentially torture devices. see more in the Love Me Tender project in my portfolio.
  • This is a symbol for Hydroelectricity. Chosen from a list of industries to make a symbol for.

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