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Created: 02/04/13
Last Edited: 05/13/13
A few different logos I have designed
  • This logo was created for the Games Club at California University of Pennsylvania. The logo was designed by Studio 224 and I was a part of the group. The Games Club on campus is a club where students can partake in games including video games, table top, board, card and sports. We created a main logo and individual logos for my specific events the club held throughout the year.
  • The Monongahela River was chosen as Pennylvania's River of he Year. Studio 224 was contacted to design a logo for the local marketing campaign. 
  • Steeltown Paintball Park came to Studio 224 for a new logo for their new company and new location. They wanted a logo that was friendly to all ages and incorporated a strong "Pittsburgh" feeling.
  • Condemn the Wicked is a local heavy medal band. The logo has been used for various show posters.

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