Logo Work

Created: 09/16/10
Last Edited: 01/10/14
These are various logos I have created throughout the years for a variety of uses and clients
  • Logos, Logos, Logos
    A sample of logos I've created over the years.
  • The following is a variety of logowork for a wide range of clients/uses
  • A local restaurant serving up authentic Brazilian fare
  • A local display company
  • My version of the pink breast cancer ribbon
  • Beach club located on the west end of Long Island, NY
  • Illustration of an eagle to be used as the mark for a mock golf tournament.
  • The identity for an award winning dance studio in the Chicagoland area.
  • A fun illustration for a company.
  • Concept for a local organization that serves as advocates for special individuals with learning/developmental challenges
  • Identity for my own design brand.
  • Conceptual idea for a self promotional piece
  • Idenity for a yoga studio in south Florida.
  • Identity for a retirement planning website.
  • Identity for a financial company.
  • This was the illustration for a pirate themed golf tournament. 
  • Concept for a snowboard company.
  • Proposed logo for the St. Augustine Lifesaving Association.
  • Proposed logo for a surf company in St. Augustine, FL.
  • Proposed logo for a tasting event put on by local chefs of the best golf clubs in the area.
  • Logo for the college ministry at Good News Church in S.t Augustine, FL.
  • Logo for a Chocolate company in Tennessee.

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