Logo Redesign: Drums Etc.

  • This is my redesign of their logo. I drew inspiration from iconic rock and punk band logos but also wanted to keep it professional. 
  • My ideal siuation for printing the business cards would be to have the yellow be matte and have the logo be a spot varnish. I would also choose to have them printed on a heavy, thick paper. 
  • I also designed coupons for the business. The coupon would be folded so it would be a similar shape and size of a business card. The left, middle panel would be the front cover of the coupons. 
  • This design would be printed on the reverse side of the coupons, so when the coupon is completely unfloded, this would be seen. It could be treated as a mini poster that people could collect if they chose not to use the coupons. I wanted this aspect of the coupons to be fun and flexible, making the costomers more interactive with the business. Various local artists and musicans could create their own personal design of the logo which could then be printed in the coupons making a collector series. Famous bands and musicians could also create their own designs. The original copy of their design coulld then be autioned off for charity.