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Created: 02/26/12
Last Edited: 01/23/14
Various Logo Designs
  • Some Logo designs
    I decided to compile a bunch of logo designs I have made into one "project" for a quick overview of the logos I have done. Perhaps I'll post the rest of the stationary packages later (only some of them have packages) but for time purposes this should suffice.
    The first one below is a logo I did for Cabotaje Photography, an upcoming photography company run by two brothers who take beautiful photos. This logo was pretty fun to come up with. The letters "C" and "P" come together to form a camera, in which the viewer fills in the missing information. Just as this logo stays connected and interacts with people, Cabotaje Photography keeps people together and deals a lot with human interactions, including, but not limited to friendship, family, and sporatic events.
    Visit Their Flickr Here
    and their blog here
  • This Logo Logo is All Knight Study for UCF's then new study room where students could relax and study for midterms and finals.
  • This one is in its own project page and is Student Government's initiative to go green, starting with eco-friendly reusable shopping bags.

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