Little Red Wolf Concert Poster

  • Little Red Wolf Concert Poster
    Local Band poster using multiple print processes
  • In Print Production, my final project had to show the breadth of what I had learned during the course of the semester. Therefore, I had to pull out all the stops. I had to design three band posters, this is one of them. The hardest part was not so much designing the poster, but thinking of a good band. I didn't want to go with a band that was so commercially branded, so I went with a smaller band, that is actually some people I know.

    I picked a new local girls band, Little Red Wolf, mainly because I could see this image of a wolf dressed up as little red riding hood carrying a guitar case into the woods. For this I used five pantone colors, but my true purpose was to try flocking. Flocking is when you make something fuzzy. How cool would it be to have a fuzyy wolf poster? Very was my answer. So after many attempts, I finally succeeded in creating a flocked wolf, which, more than anything, takes this poster to the next level.
  • Poster from Illustrator.
  • A flocked furry face.
  • Flocked and furry legs.
  • What a great big bushy tail you have!