Little 5 Fest

  • I was co-organizer of the Little 5 Fest, an all-day music festival in the Little 5 Points community of Atlanta, highlighting the city's best independent music. I designed the logo and all the corresponding collateral including banners, web graphics, posters, flyers, sponsor packets and t-shirts.

    We wanted a logo and a look that can be used for years to come. I needed something that is fresh and new to represent the music we are promoting but also something that won't look dated by next year. I went with a wordmark logo that easily translates onto any type of media, large, small & digital. I used the large 5 on the posters to highlight some of our top billing bands. I did a circulation of 5 different posters using photos of 5 different bands. This was a big hit, posters were getting taken off walls by fans as soon as we could put them out. While this is generally not effective for a poster campaign, it was great positive feedback from the community and we had a strong online presence to back up the physical pieces.

    Event Photos by Max Cooper 
    Videos by Bryan Bankovich of Newmerica