Lingolink: Foreign Language Education System

  • Lingo Link
    Foreign Language Elementary Education 
  • The target community includes individuals in the elementary, public education system. They desire to build social skills through foreign language in direct, peer interaction across multiple cultures.
    Lingolink is a foreign language tool for elementary schools. It provides a space for classrooms to work together to learn the other's language and engage children with other cultures. It uses three primary forms of technology. The iPad works from one child to another, and the large, virtual board allows for two classes join together in different activities. 
These are reinforced through the website where the teacher and parent are able to check a student’s progress. The mission of Lingolink is to emphasize how important it is to learn a foreign language and actually use it to understand another culture. This happens best at an early age.

    Collaborative Project:
    Hub/ Virtual Board: Bethany
    iPad Games: Janna
    Animation: Bethany/ Janna
    Narration: Daniela Londono Rojas