Likewise 2.0

Created: 03/15/11
Last Edited: 11/19/12
"Likewise 2.0" is a Photoshop variation of the original vector-based "Likewise" project also shown in the portfolio. I had some techniques I wanted to try out in Photoshop and a little free time, so "Likewise 2.0" was born.
  • Likewise 2.0
    A New Bird
  • Likewise 2.0 was born out of a desire to experiment with the ever growing list of techniques I have been itching to experiment with inside of Photoshop. Likewise 2.0 was created mainly through the use of blending modes, textures & a little foray into the world of layer comps. This is the photoshop counterpart to the simpler, vector-based original "Likewise".

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