Likewise 2.0

Created: 03/15/11
Last Edited: 06/10/14
"Likewise 2.0" is a Photoshop variation of the original vector-based "Likewise" project also shown in the portfolio. I had some techniques I wanted to try out in Photoshop and a little free time, so "Likewise 2.0" was born.
  • Likewise "2.0"
  • Likewise 2.0 was born out of a desire to experiment with the ever growing list of tools/techniques I had been discovering inside of Photoshop. This composite was created mainly through the use of smart objects, blending modes, textures & layer comps—all of which were relatively foreign tools at the start of the project. The project took roughly 30 hours—most of which was spent tackling the subtleties of each "new" tool I was limited to using. Likewise was the first creation of what will hopefully be a line of increasingly technical and complex compositions inspired by the various abstract works of my father, Ed "Chuck" Schuck.

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