• Life Kerning
    Creative Ways to Fine Tune Your Perspetive on Career & Life

    How do you live a life that fuels your work and work in a way that fuels your life? Life Kerning is all about making small steps to get closer to that elusive work-life balance.

    Author Justin Ahrens tackles this issue head-on in a friendly, "I've been there" manner. By challenging the notion that positive change can come only through a complete system overhaul, he provides quick strategies to fine-tune specific areas of your life and career.

    Rule29 created the cover, a clean typeset style, and fresh illustrations for each chapter. These illustrations were custom geometric-style shape drawings that were set on a textured background to set the stage for an engaging read. This was extended to the website, a facebook tab, and a video.
  • Life Kerning is an easy-to-use app for anyone who is working on that elusive work/life balance. Featuring 10 key chapters from the book, this app helps users work through specific areas of their careers and lives that require frequent attention. By incorporating artwork from the book along with intuitive interaction, this app is a successful extension of the book.

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  • The accompanying single-page website features illustrations from the book that come to life with subtle animations.

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