Logo Designs

Created: 02/22/11
Last Edited: 07/08/14
Various logo designs for a number of different businesses & organizations.
  • Logo Designs
  • Life Box Company, LLC's main goal is to allow businesses and consumers to ship their products in a green and environmentally friendly fashion. They created the Life Box™ -- a corrugated cardboard box integrated with tree
    seeds and fungi spores. The Life Box is essentially a forest in a box: plant it, water it, and the seeds,
    spores and fungi do the rest. Invented by Paul Stamets, renowned mycologist and author, the Life Box
    reinvents the standard cardboard box as a sustainable packaging solution.
  • Anchorage 100 concept brand for the Anchorage Centennial in Anchorage, Alaska. A representation of the unique melding of both large city and true wilderness just steps outside your door.

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