• Lewis and Clark
    This is a conceptual book which makes a statement about how pollution and waste is overtaking nature. The piece represents the combination of two voices, two journeys specifically. The first voice is the journey of Lewis and Clark, exploring the pristine, untouched, and unexplored wilderness of the West. The second voice is my own journey, down a polluted riverway close to my local community.
    The juxtaposition of these two voices is represented on many levels. The first voice is set as a traditional book, using classically derived page proportions and typography. The structure uses Golden Section proportions, speaking to the natural world. The second voice overtakes this primary voice by ultimately overtaking the entire book; metaphorically representing how our world is being overtaken by pollution. This overtaking of nature by pollution and waste is represented in an exponential fashion, speaking true to reality.
    The structure and materials chosen for the book also further reinforce the concept. The book is a large accordion fold, speaking to the rivers upon which both journeys were conducted. The cover sleeve was printed on Neenah Eames canvas paper, having a texture and subtle pattern evoking water. The book was printed on Monadnock Dulcet paper, which is of the finest quality, further reinforcing the concept of the natural, pristine world being taken over by waste and pollution.