Letterpress Holiday Cheers

Created: 01/02/12
Last Edited: 11/21/12
Our 2011 holiday promotional cards for friends, family, and clients. The typography is hand-lettered and complemented with a smattering of custom snowflake designs. The whole shebang was letterpress printed on heavy heavy stock with silver ink. Thanks to Cranky Pressman!
  • We strive for quality in what we do, and holiday cards certainly fit the M.O. Our objective with these cards was to create a fun and beautiful piece to welcome the Christmas and New Year's holidays, and to remind everyone that we do kick-ass work! Something to stick on the fridge and never want to take down. The design is sparse on information—QR codes and URLs need not apply—because we only gave these shimmery beauties to people we care about, and who know us personally. Risky, yes, but design comes first! As always, we are forever thankful to Cranky Pressman of Salem, Ohio for making these look amazing on their new heavy heavy white stock.


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