Learning HTML and CSS

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  • While looking for a full-time position at a company that could utilize my skills, I decided to add some more skills. I took an online course called: Coding for Designers. This course is offered through the Aquent Gymnasium and is a 6 Lesson Course with final exam at the end. Through watching instructional videos, having homework and taking lesson quizzes and finally having to pass a final quiz, I have acquired the following sills:
    • I have an understanding of HTML & CSS Principles.
    • I am familiar with Chrome Developer Tools.
    • I am familiar with the Twitter Bootstrap Framework.
    • I can work directly in CSS to modify sties and designs.
    • I can work in HTML & CSS with front-end developers.
    I am by no means a seasoned expert but feel I have a good understanding and basic knowledge of HTML and CSS and will continue to learn more. I will be taking the next Aquent Gymnasium course entitled, Responsive Web Design. I will continue to practice and refine my familiarity with these tool. Below are a mobile and full size sample of sites I created using HTML and CSS.