Lawn Points of View

Created: 11/11/11
Last Edited: 12/04/12
Choose two points of view for the word that we were given. I was given the word lawn. This is the final 2 poster results.
  • The Lawn Isn't One Sided
    There's at least two sides
  • My design for these two posters relied heavily on the use of the abstract.  I tend to gravitate towards the use of objects in non-conventional as well as conventional ways.  Not only was it visually successful but conceptually because of the use of abstraction.  The two points of view that I chose for this project based on the word that I was given “lawn” were not to views of the lawn that I normally think of.  I wanted to choose two views that effect many people but they may not realize it.
  • Final Poster for lawn point of view: family emotions related to the lawn.
  • Final Poster for lawn point of view: alternative lawn use.

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