Lamon Luther

  • Lamon Luther
  • Preserving the legacy of the rugged gentleman, forging a brand that builds hope for the craftsman.
    (Top, Photo by Russell Shaw)
  • Born at the start of the Great Depression, Lamon Luther, the man, was a mechanic, carpenter, and farmer. A maker in every sense of the word, he used his calloused hands to create works of art as well as provide for his family.
    Lamon Luther, the brand, is a tribute to his memory and all that he stood for – art, craftsmanship, and hope for a better future. The creations made by the team utilize reclaimed materials that would otherwise have been destroyed, offering a second story to the life of the wood. The company employs skilled craftsmen who were forced into homelessness during the recent recession, giving them an opportunity for a new life. With laborers rebuilding their lives through every product made of repurposed materials, the workshop of Lamon Luther is an environment that exemplifies restoration in every way.
  • Creative / Art Director: Russell Shaw
    Sr. Designer: Russell Shaw
    Jr. Designer: Jeremy Barnes
    Illustrators: Russell Shaw, Jeremy Barnes
    Photographers: Micah Bearden, Russell Shaw
    Copywriters: Brian Preston, Russell Shaw
  • Recognition
    2013 HOW Design Promotion & Marketing Design Awards, Merit Winner.
  • The Story
  • Watch the story of Lamon Luther on CNN.
  • The signature is the perfect symobl of the  hand-crafted quality behind each of the company's product lines. Also created was an icon of two crossed adz (signifying the time-honored method of creation that the company employs) on top of a saw-like structure – serving as a unique stamp or "brand mark" pressed into the wood of the products. The icon and signature often come arranged in a lockup with the company's central motif, "Hope For The Craftsmen," to drive home the notion that Lamon Luther is more than just a design-build organization – it is a team of formerly homeless workers now on their way toward restored lives.
  • Photo by Micah Bearden
  • Photos by Micah Bearden
  • “We build hope by bringing back the process of making.”
  • Photo by Russell Shaw